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My Availability

I currently only have capacity for 1 or 2 more clients - so get in touch now!

FAQs - Questions that usually come up
Do you currently have availability?
Yes, I have availability for new clients in 2024.
Where are you based?
I'm based in Winchester, however I work remotely with clients based all over the UK.
What size monthly budget do you normally work with?
I work with all different size of budget, from £1,000 a month through to £100,000.
How do you charge?
I charge a fixed monthly fee based on a number of hours working on the account. Contact me for more information.
What happens once I’ve contacted you?
If I think I can help you I will set up a call to have a chat about your business and what you're looking for. I'll also talk about my background and experience and if you're happy to give me read-only access to your account I will also let you know what I think to the current state of play.

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